Interreg Annual Meeting 2017 – Cypfire project successful in the Maltese Islands

In the year 2006 Malta along with other European member states were involved in the CYPFIRE project  which is a project that its purpose was to result with a natural barrier that suppresses forest fires, funded by the MED Programme, a transnational European cooperation Programme.  After several studies were commenced, the cypress trees were fit the best to reduce detrimental fires. The Maltese government and Mġarr Mayor Mr. Paul Vella were very interested in planting the cypress trees.

 Following this project, the Interreg Annual Meeting of the year 2017 was based in Malta and therefore European Union delegates visited the city of Mġarr and had a look at the process of the Cypfire Trees. Prior to the actual site visiting, the representatives were presented with a detailed overview of the project which was presented by the Local Mayor Mr Paul Vella, Deputy Mayor Mr Eman Vella, technologist Gianni Della Rocca and other experts. They all agreed that the whole project was not only successful in Malta but also in Italy and other EU member states.

Image 1.jpg
European delegates visiting Ballut, Mġarr where Cypress trees are being used as barriers to suppress wild fires.

During the site visits the presentation became a living, visual and tangible concept since the representatives had the opportunity to see the trees that save nature’s habitat by reducing forest fires. Undoubtedly, they also had the opportunity to experience the natural habitat in Malta under the lovely sun with a summer salty breeze from Mġarr’s beaches.