Journalism & Political Communication

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TASK 3 :


After analysing the brief for this task thoroughly I had done a plan of how this assignment should take place while taking not of important key elements that I have to keep in mind while proceeding with this assignment project.


What is a political issue that is being discussed lately in the Maltese sphere?

Ħondoq ir-Rummien

Legalisation of recreational Marijuana

Freedom of Speech


Women’s rights


After a session of Brainstorming about what current the affairs are or more what the discussion in the street is … After analysing the fact that in this assignment I have to set an agenda I resulted into choosing the topic of legalisation of recreational marijuana.


Brainstorming : Legalisation of recreational Marijuana 

What is the issue ?

The issue is that there is a minority of people in Malta that believe that recreational marijuana is the way forward while others are against this idea. The government seems to be aware of this issue and is opening room for parliamentary discussion. Making this issue even more popular.

My agenda –

For this task it is required that we immerse in a particular agenda as if we are political communicators of a political party, NGO, pundit or some sort of association or pressure group etc..

For this particular task in the Journalism and Political Communication Unit I decided to take the position of a pressure group that is pro legalisation of recreational marijuana.

Concept Build Up : 

The medium of distribution of this supposedly unbiased agenda has to be a modern one that reaches both the younger demographic and also the older one. As statistic show that attention spam of audiences are always decreasing so in this assignment I decided to limit myself to a maximum of 40 second video feature that can be published both on instagram and facebook and if it is 30 seconds or less in can also be shown on television however the main medium is directed on social media.


The product will entail a short video that includes fun facts about marijuana that will eventually beat the stereotypical thoughts about marijuana. The product I will produce will be one of other videos that in real life situation will be published. The idea is to make many short and concise videos to persuade the audience. However for the sake of this assignment there will be only one video presented. A video that will give a really good idea of how the series of videos will be set out and also show the style of the video.

Storyline :

Intro : Images of marijuana – setting the subject that lead to the title “20 second facts – marijuana”

Body : a body of maximum 4 facts – the facts should be mostly pro marijuana since the agenda is that, that supports the legalisation of recreational marijuana.


The closing includes the forth fact which should include a negative aspect of marijuana with the style of terms and condition. ” Il-passat mhux garanzija tal-futur” kind of thing.

Facts :






The facts that are shown in the video are only a serious of facts that should be highlighted during the publishing of other videos. The facts shown in the video that is produced are only part of a list of other facts and are used for the sake of this assignment and not because they are more important than other facts. The video is not done to reflect a personal opinion but to represent my line of work that I would have worked with if I was faced with such agenda in a real job/life situation.