Journalism Skills

A better understanding of issues that will widen my knowledge and journalistic skills. Here is a list of what I have been researching, viewing and learning through this coarse of time.


Fake News:


“I trust my gut, but I ask tough questions”

With the role of journalism like any other professional job there is certain responsibility that one has to take when producing a journalistic production. Journalism is about being true, therefore, one has to verify his sources let alone the information given.

Not doubting your source but questioning your source, ending up knowing that the sources intentions are clean and the information given is true .

“Fake news is truly alarming and not something you simply throw around”

Being objective is the main goal in journalism however one has to keep in mind that sometimes being neutral means being an accomplice. For instance if a journalist is too neutral on a corruption story s/he might be interpreted as being an accomplice, yes you have to give the story all the sides of it, a journalist should tackle and give challenge to injustices and illegalities. Being neutral for readers might seem that you are not against these issues when everyone should be morally against illegalities and injustices.



Being a good journalist is not only about finding the sources and the information but also how you communicate that information with the audience. Be it a script be it an article we as journalists have to be good communicators and good storytellers.

Mobile Journalism :




Street Journalism/ Photography:




The dPS Ultimate Guide to Street Photography


Tips or Tricks of the trait :


Attended to various meetings and debates throughout this semester some of which in Malta and even in Brussels.

The latest meeting I visited was a debate with regards to Freedom of Speech held by the Sakharov Awards. During this meeting various high officials were present such as MEP’s Alfred Sant, Francis Zammit Dimech and Roberta Metsola along with a representative for the Maltese Institute for Journalism, Belarusian journalist and Reporters without Borders presented by journalist Hermann Grech.

The debate was quite informal and pacific however one can hint the sense of political difference with no needed puns and almost attacks. The debate revolved mainly on the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia, a Maltese journalist who was murdered in car  explosion last year (2017).

However the debate lacked certain elements that shows the idea of journalistic being to egocentric of themselves. It was a debate on freedom of speech in general and not freedom of press only. Freedom of speech for citizens was only mention briefly from the general public that were present during the end of the debate.

All in all the debate concluded that journalists are faced with various entities that try to silence speech be it politicians, criminals, multimillionaire companies. This is always going to happen if it stops it would mean that the power of speech is null. What has to be important is that as journalists we be persistent and not be afraid to step on someone’s pride.