1st – Meeting – A brief overview of what the life case would be and consists of presented by Ms. Dorekens and Ms. Sharon Abela.

Ms. Dorekens explained the educational criteria aspect while Ms Abela described in a brief manner the story of Drew and where it all begun and what is the aim of this Campaign. Which is to encourage people to be part of the doner card society.

Brainstorming – With Miguela who is a colleague participating with the same life case

  • TEXT
  • Infographic feature of Drew with Square cropped photos and infographics depicting his story and what he went through and of coarse about the doners.
  • A human story feature which will show who is drew (for a campaign named life after drew to success the audience must know who is drew)

2nd meeting – 2 hours – Meeting with Ms Sharon –

We discussed material that she would be able to give us such as – photos and friends contact.

Note: Client does not want to be sensational however that touches people watching it so that they will become members right away.




Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 10.39.06

After all this, we me and Miguela met with Ms Sharon Abela she had given us the photos



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To choose the best images I had done another intensive brainstorming of what the images should portray so in this way I would be able to filter what images to choose and not.

  • first of all I need aesthetically pleasing photos
  • that raw feeling to it
  • shows drew at his best assists – laughing, with family, his sister, abroad and so on
  • deduction of bad photos (photos which were not in high definition
  • emotional

After minimising the photos that I am going to use for the video typographic feature during brainstorming I though of finding actual footage of drew with his family. After a deep search on Sharon’s facebook videos (cause there are a lot) I found a long video in which it had go pro footage (frontal) shot by drew himself… of the family walking along this path with his sister playing around and him laughing.


The process went then to script writing – Having asked for Sharon to send me an email with a detailed chronology of how things fell I was able to directly write the best elements of the story to be the most effective keeping in mind certain key elements.

  • short and concise
  • not to many detail that will scare people away and end the video half way through it
  • good use of language that will lead people to sign up for organ donation
  • keywords : hero , organ donation, died, happy, cheerful, diagnosed…

After the script writing I had to chose the right audio for the feature. The audio had to be not too emotional but causes that suspense feeling that leaves the viewer watching the video till the end … I went to extreme music which I have an account on and downloaded the chosen audio.

Editing processes:


Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 01.25.18Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 01.25.26

After editing the video I showed it to the client and told me to amend things such as the condition that he had and 3 years not 2 years as it was written before. I arranged the issues spoken of and showed it to her again and she loved it.

Password : Lifeafterdrew




For assignment purposes the video will need another voice script which will mainly consist of the same script used for typography but with more detail when it comes to the brain AVM I will try to explain AVM in a few words. However the previous video will be the one that the campaign of organ donation will be using.

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 02.04.39

reference: (2018). Brain Arteriovenous Malformations (AVM). [online] Available at: [Accessed 5 Jan. 2018].


Script :

This is drew

At the age of 17

He suffered from a brain haemorrhage

Drew was diagnosed with a brain avm which is

A poorly formed blood vessel.

Vessels like this are prone to bleeding

and can cause complications when this occurs.

He was treated in the uk and with daily medication

He was able to control his condition

Drew continued to live a happy cheerful life with his family.

This is actual footage of drew and with his family.

3 years later on June 8th drew suffered a

fatal rapture of the vein

The following day drew passed away.

Drew now lives in 7 people

Drew is a hero

Be a hero sign up for organ donation




Throughout this production I learned various stuff however one of the most important thing I learnt apart from what the audience needs, what the client needs therefore one has to be patient. Journalism introduces you to many different people with different stories some of which are very emotional. In this case the client was very emotional therefore I had to be vary cautious and patient. Being delicate and consulting her at all times with all updates. This is the best virtue that this production has led me with.