Module 3 : Visual Thinking


During the very first few lessons of visual thinking, various elements were discussed., such as the of visual perception.For instance, an image has the ability to drive anyone viewing it, into a different place, dimension or mood.

  • Point of View                              All these elements are employed by artists in order to
  • Line                                                convey a better and clearer message.
  • Motif                                              As visual thinkers, we have to identify these elements
  • Composition                                so that we can be inspired by other artists’ work,
  • Lighting                                         and comprehend what elements one can use to portray
  • Color                                               his message and eventually find an original
  • Message                                          style to elicit his message.
  • Subject
  • Depth of Field
  • Editing
  • Texture                                         These first few lectures inspired me to create the image
  • Perspective                                  above, which portrays a rather abstract sketch of a
  • Meaning                                       visual thinker, encountering an image
  • Shape

Assignment :

Task1 : LO1: Part A :Research and exploit idea generation techniques and methods

Image 1 : Rui Palha: 

rui-palha-md-18-x2-copy(The triangles are imposed and they were not included in the original photo and were   purposely edited to analyse the image)

This image depicts a mother carrying her scared child on her back while she is distracted on her mobile phone.

As from the infant’s facial expression one can sense feelings related to fear, stress or anxiousness. On the the other end, we see a quite relaxed mother focusing her attention on her cell phone rather than her child. This helps to elicit a rather cold, insensible atmosphere amongst the audience.

This photo emphasises the theme ‘the death of society’ due to the  excessive use of technology. Nowadays technology is becoming very important however it is being used in an excessive manner and as a result, societies are suffering from an increase of introverts. This is caused because of the decrease in warmth that the human society is suffering from and this photo helps the audience look into themselves and think about what they are doing to their families.

The child is set on the middle third of the photo, which also helps the audience look directly towards the subject.

One can say that the artist used the mother to send the intended message. Thus, making the woman a method of communication between the artist and the viewers. The monochromatic colour tone highlights the emotion of the child and even the abandonment of the mother towards him.

Image 2 : Valerie Jardin : http://valriejardinphotography.comvaleriejardin

The element that strikes the most in this photo is undoubtedly the symmetrical element. This type of photography is called symmetrical photography, as seen in the photo the reflection on the glass on the right part of the image reflects the whole scenery; the bridge, the lake, the city and so on.

In this photo depth of field is not of  huge importance, since the main focus of the photo is the symmetry itself therefore the artist omitted to use leading lines. This is because the symmetry is more effective if one looks at the photo as a whole.

Black and white editing on the photo enhances the reflection.

Image 3 : Nicholas Goodden :

What is so peculiar about this portrait is that the merging of the banner and the real person gave the image much more character. The artist also managed to use the low shutter speed as a communication method. The typography; ‘’ the same is lame’’ and ‘’think other’’ describes society’s judgemental attitude.

This is backed up by the blurred image of a women, which might represent the rebellion and freedom from society in itself.

The left third and the right third both include subjects. The way the photo is manipulated, makes the audience unconsciously look at the banner and latter follow the same direction towards where the man is looking.

Contrastingly, this snapshot is not set in black and white like the ones above

Image 4 : Manish Khattry :


(The triangles are imposed and they were not included in the original photo and were   purposely edited to analyse the image)

This photo illustrates hard working men. The legs of the closest man in the picture are used to frame the other man at the background depicted in the middle third of the photo. The framing is captured in an outstanding manner, since the subject’s shape and the frame are close to identical.

The poor state the feet are in, help to prove the hard work they are exposed to.

The texture in this photo is very important to highlight the debris on the ground and buildings etc. This continues to emphasis the inhumane work conditions.

Another important and very interesting element in this photo is the triangular shapes captured. (The triangles are shown in the image above )

As mentioned all these elements are used to communicate the theme of work.

Image 5: Thomas Leuthard : http://thomas.leuthard.photographythomas leuthard.png

The first thing that comes to mind when encountering this image is what I call, the rejection of art. This image is all about a photographer trying to take a photo that manifests refection but instead, the person in the background shows disapproval. For the fact that the artist was shown a vulgar gesture, the image was altered into another picture depicting another message.

On a personal note, this has taught me not to give up so easily on a photo even when faced with obstacles.

Image 6: Kevin O’Meara :

Kevin o'meara.png

(The triangles are imposed and they were not included in the original photo and were   purposely edited to analyse the image)

This night shot by O’Meara is very interesting especially when considering the use of lighting. The photo elicits a creepy feel within the audience and this is done due to the mysterious dark elements in the photo. These elements of not knowing what is behind, and the sense of unknown is purposely done to communicate the untamed night life. In a way it makes you worry for the man inside the laundry shop or actually think that something wrong is going to happen.

The typography on the the banner ”DEER RIVER” directly gives you the cultural aspect behind the photo. It directly takes you to a place in the country side or in a small country village.

The colours of the chairs, as opposed to the dark colour, are very contrasting and same goes to the banners and logo.

Image 7:  Martin Waltz :


This photo is a silhouette of a young teen overlooking the city. Personally this photo is one of my favourites from the list.

The message that image conveys is a nostalgic one. The teenager on the swing looking over the city, perhaps thinking of his childhood, the type of memories that are very precious for a person.

Apart from the idea of nostalgia, the dark element can also communicate the idea of those particular moments in life when a person sees everything black as if everything is going wrong but stops for a while to think. This teen might also be portrayed as a person going through an air patch and he found sometime for solitude to think about his situation.

The Triangle shown makes the teen look more three dimensional as if we are seeing him swinging physically. The thirds are filled with subjects;

First third: the swing , Second third: the teen, and the Third third with the city. And this make the viewer first look at the swing then the teen then eventually look over the city as well.

Image 8 : Chuck Jines :

Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 23.31.00.png

This powerful image has a strong message behind it. This image portrays a drug addicts, abusing of a harmful substance. The Monochromatic colour scheme sends the message of ‘wrong’,’illegality’ and ‘self-distruction’ so much that you pity the subject captured in the image.

This image also consists of a number of triangles of depth of field especially the ones on the right hand side, which are from the front of the scene towards to back inward. The texture of the wood along with the texture on the walls behind him point out the rawness of the scenery and the state of living of the person.

Situated in the middle third of the photo the subject is in a disastrous environment, which is depicted in the other two thirds.

Image 9 : Marius Vieth :

This image portrays an elderly sales person placing jewellery in the shop window. It includes two subject, the elderly woman and the mask which sort of takes the role of person in this image. In fact when the viewers looks at the old lady they feel like the mask is looking at them.

In my opinion the lighting of the image is exquisite, giving light both to the sale person’s face and the mask.

This image shows the dedication of the subject towards jewellery, this message is so communicated that although it capturing a movement the image is serene and elecitis a sense of calmness within the viewer.

Image 10 : Tavepong Pratoomong : 

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 00.10.36.png

This abstract yet real photo is spontaneous however, brilliant. The subject of the image is a mother kissing her son who is standing on a rectangular stone. However the subject is not encountered easily from the viewer, there is that gradual build up towards them. First one looks at the stones and then is leading towards the subject.  This leading lines are set with the abstract element of the stones. This image also consists of a numerous amount of triangles that all lead to the subject and create depth of filed. Some are imposed on the image for example there are a substantial amount of triangles to draw them all.

The mono choromatic tone helps with the shadowing, that makes the stones look huge.

Part B: 

The coming photos are images that I took after I was inspired by the research. I live in Paola and after I observed my surroundings I wanted to highlight the day to day life of living in this city. In my photographs I focused on Lines, Texture, Colour and Typography in order to portray my point of view of society.


The Hairdresser


Street Lines:


Wooden Shop stairs:


Abstract Entrance:





Smoking Kills:


Lamp Post:




The Cross:







” You want vegetables? ” :


The Mannequin:




The City of Colour: 





Abstract Typograph:


Contrasting Elements:


124:1994 :




Mood Boards : 










LO2: Apply visual techniques to communicate ideas
A&A2.1: Interpret a brief and implement creative concepts to a given context A&A2.2: Develop appropriate ideas and concepts to a given brief


When searching for a text to inspire my project about street life, Paulo Nutini came directly to mind Prince Ea.

Prince Ea compiles Spoken Poetry about issues that in his perspective are changing the world and societies. These videos speak for themselves and I connected very much with it. 

In these videos his spoken poetry speak about how people are getting anti-social due to social media while in the other video he explains how people are working more.

Paolo Nutini is a male artist who happens to write songs with a deep meaning about street life and life in general. His song ‘THESE STREETS’ was chosen for this assignment since it strikes a really deep message to me with regards street life.

To understand what the text means and effects me personally, an analysis of the lyrics was proceeded;

Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 13.59.16.png

In this text at first the world is described as big and bad, which leaves bad connotations with the audience. This point is emphasised by the use of language such as

where it takes you ’bout an hour

just to cross the road

saying that the streets are so hectic that it take you an hour to cross the road. Everyone passing by full filling the busy life that they are living. Yet he describes them as people with a ‘poor old soul’ which highlights the idea that people are no longer living but staying alive.

Remembering of how his life was when he was younger, lifeless streets of those times, simple without stress, he struggles to believe how to world and street life changed. Changed into a sad life of business. Remembering of the past made him feel better;

Suddenly the air smells much greater now

This part of the text from my point of view me, has two meanings. The first meaning is that the remembrance of the past makes him feel better. While the second meaning is that there is still hope, there must be something good in this hectic and busy life/ world we live in nowadays. Nonetheless he keeps on searching for that old life that he had in this new big world full of busy streets.


In the text, the protagonist is admitting that eventually he will get used to this new world he is living in. Giving hope to the audience who somehow feel that the song is so direct to what they feel that, it is as if they are speaking or writing it themselves.

Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 14.30.04.png

Questioning about the so gone days, personifying them to point that he asks about where had his past left. Describing how he used to play in the past, when nothing felt impossible and nothing left a big impact to his life. In contrast he describes how he encounters lifeless people.

Life is good, and the sun is shining

I look at this as sarcastic, showing the world perfectly with sin shining and people living a good life. This description builds thoughts of an amazing life, almost utopian, and this is used to show the contrast of the world we are living to that we live nowadays. Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 14.58.46.pngHe then says that everybody stops for a moment and remember of the past and ”flirt to their ideal place” which in this context means that everyone thinks of the past the way he thinks of it. Meaning that the others also miss the past while pretending that the life they are living is a good life.

Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 15.21.08.png

Repertoire which continues to emphasise the hope there is to make the life we live great again. To fill the streets with people who are out in the streets to enjoy it to do errands and continue with their busy life every second of their life. Giving hope to people to go away with there business and help them realise that the life they miss can be alive again only if they work for it.

Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 15.24.48.png

After analysing a text that inspires me as a person, the next step is to sketch visuals that are inspired by the thoughts mentioned above.

After coming up with illustrations and what kind of images I can take(fund in sketchbook section), I intend to do a short magazine that exhibit these photos. I also intend to add also a small write for each photo in which the relation of the photo and the theme chosen is shown.


The following pictures depict the busy’ness’ of humans nowadays or in other terms the Death of society. Which is also the theme which was inspired by Paulo Nutini in his song These Streets.

Brain Storming:

How can one portray the death of society through visuals?

Perspectives :

  • Ghosts – Faded Personalities
  • Lines – Traffic shows the Busy’ness’ of life
  • The Undead- Those aware of the change who do not conform
  • Empty Spaces- How life was/ or the empty homes
  • Innocence- Children who are not diseased by work and social media
  • Suffocation- The suffocation of these elements
  • Rebellion- How not to conform



Picture 1 and 2 : The Observer, the one from the few that stop and look around. The protagonist is aware of the hectic life that we are living today but he refuses to commit to the lifestyle change.

Picture 3 and 4 captures the lines that we constantly see around us of people driving doing their errends.  Cars are not used anymore to accommodate lives but for people to surround themselves with more stuff to do.


Picture 4 also depicts the lines of cars but I included the fence element to portray how people are locked in this hectic life and they are trapped in the business of the city.


Picture 5: depicts a man crossing the road. Using low shutter speed the ghost effect was enacted. This intentional feature in the photo depicts how people are becoming ghost due to the hectic life they are living.


Picture 6: The diseased individual caught in action. In this photo the low shutter speed function was used as well, to enhance the ghost effect. The faded person represents the faded personality of those alienated by everything and not focusing to live their lives.


Picture 7: An image of an empty dinner table which represents the fact the people are spending less time at home and more time at work.


Picture 8:  Before social media became so important for individuals in society, empty roads meant that people are at home enjoying their lunch together. Nowadays an empty street often represents a deserted street.


Picture 9 and 10 : This point of view helps to convery the innocence of children. Children, who are not diognosed with the bitterness of work and with social media. As one can notice children live and do not only exist.



Picture 11: An image that shows pride in freedom. The same freedom that others can have. rebel

Picture 12: A picture of graffiti can represent the rebellion element and and even the typography ‘ejja’ means come and stand up for your rights.


Picture 13 and 14: This change in lifestyle can be also seen through buildings. This chaotic photo of rooftops captures the stuffiness of buildings nowadays, which are an example of the life that we are living today. A life without space to live.






LO3: Develop visualized ideas into working concepts

Prezi Slide :



Task 4

LO4: Present and evaluate a finished solution to a given brief

For this task I am going to criticise the work of two fellow colleagues, such as Introverts by Justine Ellul and Karl Azzopardi’s Perspective in Street Life.


INTROVERTS by Justine Ellul 

During the presentation Justine admitted that she tends to be fascinated when she encounters solitude and inspires herself to take photos. In my opinion Justine Ellul captures solitude in an outstanding manner since she does not only take simple photos of people being alone but she manages to find solitude in other types of visuals.

For instance a photo that inspired me was the picture in which she portrays solitude by capturing a photo of two people on a scooter with a walking individual separating them. Portraying the solitude of the one walking by capturing the difference between the two. She captures the difference that an introvert might feel within himself.

Ellul manages to portray solitude by depicting blurred photos of people being alone. Another particular photo that strikes me is the blurred typographic photo in which it has written ‘ Best Choice’ as if the photo itself asks the audience if solitude is the best choice, this photo elicits thoughts and therefore it is truly artistic.

Color and lighting is definitely also used brilliantly by this young artist. She seeks to include her own style in the photos without compromising the main aim of the photo. When it comes to the presentation itself Ellul omitted from writing about the photos, although this might be a rather controversial move, having ‘Introverts’ as a theme, gives space to less conversation but more thinking. This is purely because introverts themselves, think and stay away from conversing with people and the presentation format has the same approach. Having said that Ellul explained her idea clear during her presentation so all in all the project was completed fully.

On the slightly negative side I think that the slide should have included more photos to explain better her perspective, since there is no language written, more photos would have compensated as an explanation to the idea she wanted to portray. However I comprehend the idea that Ellul wants to portray.  Ellul being a soulful artist left me thinking about introvertism and after all helped me understand more people in our  societies that decide to be alone.

Word Count : 350


LAMPS by Christopher Mercieca.


I decided to tackle this presentation and not another one, this is because in my perspective I think that the idea of this particular presentation is unique, simple yet creative. Christopher Mercieca in this presentation makes us think more about our surroundings and what we take for-granted in our every day life. In his presentation Christopher Mercieca depicts lamps saying that the lamps themselves give existence to street life at night.

One has to definitely comment on the artistic planning that Mercieca proceeded with before capturing the images he required for presenting his idea. In the presentation itself he presented the audience with sketches of what he intended to do. As one of the audience this helped me understand more the concept and even relate to Mercieca himself by comprehending him as an artist.

When criticising the photos one must say that Mercieca uses a lot of techniques in his imagery such as, Typography, Negative Spacing,  Bokeh, Symmetry and Leading Lines. Having said that in my fair opinion I think that the photos may have lacked a sense of artistic style or artistic signature. Using a lit sign Mercieca portrays the message that light or in this case lamps show you the way to something or somewhere. Mercieca also includes the socio-historical aspect of Malta by depicting traditional lamps, traditional buildings by showing texture yet he manages to also show the progressive element in the Maltese society by portraying also modern or contemporary lamps used in Maltese villages.

During his presentation Mercieca explained his idea and the message he wants to portray in a confident manner. Without bulking the audience with speech he leaves the audience thinking about his mentioned points while looking at the photos presented.

To conclude Mercieca in a creative approach he elicits the idea of existence due to lamps we find in our streets. However he lacked to capture unique photos that enhance his artistic style. Apart from that the photos can use a bit of manipulative imposed adjustments such as cropping. All in all the presentation was successful and the message came across.

Word Count: 350


As an individual society always interested me and I always thought of doing something to send a massage. Initially I started out the task by doing a brain storming, and thinking about what I would tell the society, what I would make society aware of. While thinking I thought about how social media is affecting people nowadays and how social media is changing the society. In my perspective I think that sometimes the majority of our society are too inclined in social media, so attached that they forget to live physically and not virtually.

Having the death of society as a theme I wanted to create various elements by which I portray this message and make people aware that they are not living but existing.  The elements that I chose were Ghosts, Lines, Suffocation, Innocence, The Undead and Rebellion. Having these elements construed I went outside in our society and captured the ‘unlivingness’ I see in my perception of society.

I must say that during the preparation of this presentation I was very excited since I always wanted to send a message with my artistic skills, however I tried to be as focused as possible and prepare

a well organised presentation. The presentation all in all, I felt that it went well, although one must mention that the class was not fully behaving properly. The message came across and I can say this since the part of the audience who were taking notice of what I m saying were discussing with me and the lecturer.

When it comes to criticism, the presentation had various critiques with some that were very positive and included some negative elements as well. Both Tyler’s and Christopher’s criticism mentioned the fact that the message came across brilliantly and also said that they can relate to it.

His presentation skills were strong. He confidently spoke about his work and even managed to stop for a few minutes to answer a few questions from the lecturer without losing track.- Tyler Calleja Jackson, 2017.

Apart from saying that I managed to hold the attention of the audience, Jackson also said that during the presentation he noticed that I had a passion for the subject chosen and I wrote earlier it is true and this went across to the audience. Mercieca also agreed and related to what I presented.

I agreed with his argument and my personal taught is quite similar – Christopher Mercieca 2017

When it comes to the photos the criticism was very positive and the presentation was complimented for that fact. Jackson added that artistically my art has a similar perspective to his, knowing that Tyler is a very professional photographer I am very honoured.

Moving on to the negative critique that my presentation had, Calleja Jackson wrote that the presentation could have included more photos that would be able to highlight more the theme. He explained that instead of talk a lot the presentation could have had more photos that can explain with the imagery instead of me presenting in detail. This critique is very valid perhaps if I believe more in my art I could leave ti the art itself instead of explaining in detail what I wanted to portray.

On the other Christopher Mercieca’s critique surprised me and most certainly disagree.

Despite this I disagreed that not everyone is a slave of technology – Christopher Mercieca, 2017

In his critique Christopher sustained that not everyone is alienated by social media and I should have included that. First of all I tackled this issue by using elements such as ‘Innocence and The Undead’ and I stated in the presentation that not every one is like I am portraying but I am talking about only a sector of our society. Secondly when someone is trying to send a message is normally speaking about the issue that he is encountering and not other issues. For instance functionalist sociologists only speak about the function of things within a society and not the dis-functionality in societies and that is because in their perspective they want to send the message of functionality.

Personally this presentation helped me develop my artistic skills by using elements such as low shutter speed photography, night photography. abstract and other genres. Apart from that the presentation helped me realise that i can prove a point or send a message with my artistic skills. Another thing that surely affected me due to this presentation is the presentation skills, I learnt how to present my work in confident manner. Having said that i can always improve in what comes up in the future and take this experience as a lesson to be always better and better, job by job.