Module 5 : Lens Based Media

Learning about what are the characteristics of lens-based media and technology and also learn new technical skills to record still and moving images and also enhancing it with Audio.

A photo was taken and uploaded on schoology so that during class, lecturer Ms Eleanor Abela along with students ,form a critical review of every students photo.

A photo of popsicles taken in trapani.

Nikon d7000, lens Nikkor 50mm f1.8 – settings :  1/320 – f2.5 –  ISO 320

This is the uploaded photo, during the lecture the students, the lecturer  and myself, critically reviewed the photo.

  • Critique  : The subject focused should have been the Popsicle in front of the one focused presently. This is because the focused popsicle is covered by an other one and in that manner the subject would have been more easily to find when seeing the photo.


During this critical analysis of the photos we were discussing element such as;

  • Nose Room : Is the space between  the subject side/nose  and the frame.MOD5.1.jpg
  • Head Room : Is the Room between the subjects Head and the frame.
  • Looking Room : Is like Nose room, this is used especially in moving image. During a conversation the Looking room should be adjusted according to whom the subject is speaking to. However one should always be careful the the 180 degree angle is not exceeded.
  • Composition : Is a term used in photography and videography and it means how the artist composed his work of art.


  • The rule of thirds : The grid line on the images above are used to calculate and shoot according to the rule of thirds. Some examples of such rules are 1) As seen in the right picture, the subjects eye is in the Upper Left.  This rule is used because when someone is taking a picture of a face if the eye is put in a different place of the thirds, his eyes will be lower in the photo therefore it is very possible that his whole face would not be seen in the photo.
  • Triangles: With imaginary triangles one is capable of taking a photo or produce a moving image that in it everything point towards the subject as seen in the images on the left side. Pointing towards the to the subject helps the viewer notice the subject faster. Triangles help also in the perspective and also in the depth of field.
  • Perspective : Is the view which the artists depicts the subject.
  • Dutch Angle :     MOD5.3.jpg