The first process of this production included a brainstorming in which various people were discussed and evaluated for the news or story element. After a good amount of thought I concluded to do a story about Steve Zammit Lupi which is a young European studies graduate that wants to become a farmer.


What follows is a series of photos that show the constant times that I tried to contact in order to start the interviews which ultimately lead to nothing.

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The coming presentation pitches in the idea that I have in mind.


After a series of attempts to plan a date when to proceed with the filming and the interview with Steve Zammit Lupi to no avail I had to scrap this idea and move towards another one with out leaving too much time so that I will be able to be on time and be in line with the deadlines.

Next Story

Since in the mean time I am also working on a human story for the magazine I decided to use this contact to interview the same person, the engraver to produce also a video version of the story that is going to be published inside the magazine.



Luck not being with through this production and neither with Michael the engraver, I had to cancel the interview. The reason for this action was that Michael’s foreign partner has been diagnosed with cancer and apart from the struggles of being ill they are going through hell to get free medication. Since she is British there were issues even though she has been living in Malta for the past 10 years. After a good phone call with Michael with him almost crying and telling me how bad is the situation and not even going to work most of the times I realised that this interview would not be ethical for me to proceed with.


Ideas somehow still shine there way in ! 


Between the 31st till the 2nd of June several students from Mcast had visited Strasburg for the European Youth Event. While there me and my friend Jean who is a video grapher had created this travel blog. Although I changed the style at last part of the process this video gives a rather modern idea of journalism a kind of journalism I wish to have some time to work on even more.


The video in a travel vlog style explains our trip to the European event. It gives also a comment from Mr Mario Zammit the organiser behind our trip to explain a bit how the process worked and what is the event all about and also stand uppers done by myself that explain our trip and the scenarios we were in.