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Behind every media production that exists, there is a team that prepares it. The team will be segmented into different roles. In this way the work load is divided and there are various benefits through this.

Through out this first write-ups of the blogs I am going to describe or give an idea of such roles and responsibilities.

The best way to go about this is to tackle area by are and the roles respectively and go along with the procedure of how a news is acquired and given to a particular audience.


Roles :

  • Journalists
  • Editors
  • Camerapersons
  • Video Editors
  • Photographers

Journalists : 

Within a news room the journalist’s responsibilities vary especially in todays new age of media. A journalist should or must be prepared for anything and be capable of producing news material with the best execution to result in the best possible news material.


If your natural response is not to ask who, what, why where and when – then journalism may not be the career for you – Jeremy Paxman, BBC Newsnight presenter

Journalism is not an easy job as many may think. It is a job that requires knowledge and opinion about various subjects within a society and the guts to question what no one dares to question. Apart from these traits a journalist should be aware of the networking that he should use into his advantage in order to acquire stories, information and contacts. 
The journalist job is to find stories that he can report about that will increase his companies credibility, that helps society in some way such as distribution of information, educate or entertain the audience. 
One of the difficulties of being a journalist is to be true to the information you have without compromising the relationship you have with the source or the agenda you and the company you work has. However a journalist has to have dignity as much as he has ink and be as true as he can, make agendas public as it is in the public interest and not distribute fake news.  
After the Journalist had acquired contact or information and has a story, keeping in mind all mentioned above, the journalist has to produce a write up for these mediums. 
– Online news portal
– Article for print media
– TV news bulletin script 
– Auto queue script – for news anchor 
– Radio News bulletin Script 
– Find footage for the news story he is preparing if needs be.
(disclaimer: if the story is going to proceed with all the mediums)
The journalist is then to go the voice room and  record a voices that can be used for television and radio.  After this stage it is best that one visits the editor so that you give him an idea of the footage that you need and which parts that you want to be left out and also maybe adding comments from high authority people to the feature making it more credible and factual. 
While at the editor the journalist must keep looking for new information so that he can update. This is very important since a story can expire within minutes with new data that can add to you story or otherwise make your story null. 
Camera Person: 
Depending on the story that the journalist has if it requires new footage or not the camera person’s job is to go on location with the journalist and film the situation of the news. keeping in mind that the people at home or on their phones might not know about the location that the news is about. Therefore a camera person has to keep in mind this fact and film visuals that give a really good grasp of the location and the facts in front of him that describe the story all the more. Always with an good moral and ethical approach. 
Video Editor: 
 The video editor’s job is to group all the information given and present a good audio-visual news product. The editor need to take notice of what the story is not to leave importnat footage out and take notice of the journalist’s notes about what footage should be shown, left out or emphasised.  
The photographer like the videographer should take photos that best describes the story by being the most morally and ethically good. A good thing is to consult the journalist to give the perspective that the story is go to take so that the photos are inline with what is written. 
After leaving the video editor the news feature is nearly ready. 
The different news mediums go to their respective sector’s Editor so that they are checked and authorised to be published. 
Head of News:
Radio and Television News are handled by the Head of News of the respective medium and sometimes even online articles. His job is to authorise the news feature to be publish or order amendments. Apart from this the Head of News is to assign journalist to stories to tackle, give opinion on perspective that should be taken, while structuring a good based running order for the news bulletin and see that everything is in place both the structure of his work management and being inline with the agenda of the company.
Online Articles and Newspaper articles are given to the Editor that verifies the story and see authorises it to be published or orders amendments. The editor’s job is also to identify the best place for the news to take place on the paper. 
This area is normally segmented into 2 areas as industry standard. The Control Room and the Floor (Studio). 
Control Room:  This the place where the production of news bulletin is controlled, directed and the outgoing is executed. 
–  Director 
–  Production Assistant Director
– VTR Operator 
– CCU Operator
– CG Operator
– Audio Operator
– Lights Designer 
The job of the director is to instruct camera people what shots are required for the bulletin and choosing shots that are to go on air while giving count down to the floor in studio. 
 Production Assistant Director: 
A production assistant director is to take notice of the running order and see that everything is abiding that running order and keeping the director updated with the overall process. 
CCU Operator: 
CCU Operation is the person that control the image of the footage that is being recorded or aired. He is to control the light and colour of the picture that is being aired or recorded. 
Lights Designer: 
The Light Designer’ s job is to set the lighting of the studio so that the director and the ccu operator can work with. Keeping in mind the nature of the production and the amount of people that are going to be on air in studio so that they are lighted. 
Audio Operator:
There is nearly no tv news production that includes no kind of audio. The Audio person’s job is to control the audio of the news production. Mic-ing guests and news anchors while monitoring their audio levels as well as the audio levels of the features that are being aired even though the audio levels should be done directly at -12db by the editor. The Audio person sometimes control the in-calls during the program having said this is also proceeded by the Production Assistant Director. 
VTR Operator:
The VTR operator’s job is to prepare and queue the footage/ features that are going to be used during the news bulletin so that the director can put them on air.
CG Operator:
CG Operation is the inputting of information that is going to be texted on screen such as chest supers, credit and other graphics such and image both on screen, and on screens live in studio. 
Lights Designer: 
The Light Designer’ s job is to set the lighting of the studio so that the director and the ccu operator can work with. Keeping in mind the nature of the production and the amount of people that are going to be on air in studio so that they are lighted. 
– Floor Manger 
– Camera Person
– Camera Crane Operator
– News Anchor/ Presenter 
Floor Manger:
The Floor Manager is the person that directs the director and the news anchor with the running order and instructs and confirms what follows with the assistant director/director. Gives countdowns to the news anchor. 
Camera Person: 
Like any other cameraperson his job is to film in this case the news bulletin. 
Camera Crane Operator:
 A camera crane operator, operates the crane in the studio for smoother shots however when it comes to news bulletin crane shots are barely used especially in the local industry. 
News Anchor/ Presenter:
The news anchor is the one that is reading the script from auto queue that the journalists had prepared for him/her. The reader has to speak clear with good execution of language so that the audience understands best what is being said. 
Another medium of broadcastings news is Radio. Although the medium might seem very different when it comes to preparation it is nearly the same especially when talking about how acquire a story and so on and so forth. 
It is very necessary to have a newsroom directly regarded towards Radio only when having a a news media company even when it comes to the local sphere. This is because radio should be treated with the same importance like TV. This does not mean that the Radio News Room should depend on itself only like it should not mean that the TV News Room depends on itself. 
These News Rooms work at there best when they work as a force. It almost useless to send two journalists one for radio and one for tv however there are some amendments to a team that tackle news. 
A way could be that with the team that includes a journalist, a videographer, a photographer, and a sound person/ audio person which can easily be a journalist if he is trained in audio. 
The audio person is an asset to the Radio News Room this is because unlike TV, the radio audience are not seeing the news but they are only hearing it. In order to give the audience a good grasp of the news one can use different sound bites that along with a well descriptive written script it depicts the story/news better.
After the Story is found, written and the sound bites are selected by the journalist. The news bulletin is proceeded live normally. The sound bites are given to the audio engineer or else the radio DJ in some cases with another copy of the scripts so that he can queue your sound bites according to the story while the journalist or presenter is reading the news items.